Fashionable Pooches Go to the Vet in Style

People love their pets! Dogs and cats seem like family members to most of us. So when your little animal needs the care and attention of a veterinarian you need to find an animal hospital with caring staff that can make things right. Obviously, you want to work with a vet clinic near you if you can.

Getting Dolled Up

Making sure your pet is properly groomed is the first step before going on any outing. A scraggly dog will not make a good impression, or a cat with mats in its fur! Find a good local groomer who understands the latest styles for the particular breed that you own. While you’re there, be sure they get a thorough shampoo. A smelly pet is worse than a scraggly one! Be sure to get the nails trimmed and painted, preferably soft pink or red if the coat is white.

You can add ribbons to the ears of the dog using simple clips, and you can also add a stylish warm coat to your pet’s attire if it’s chilly outside. The final step is a carrying case, preferably a brand name one. You are now ready to go to the vet!

Which vet is the best?

If you’re in Aurora, Colorado there are several animal hospitals but Tenaker Pet Care’s new Hospital is a cut above all the others. I found their animal hospital is a state-of-the-art facility staffed by people who love animals. Day in and day out Tenaker Pet Care’s staff helps dogs and cats who are suffering from health issues, dealing with injuries or just needing a wellness exam or vaccinations. Their vet clinic is uniquely dedicated to helping dogs challenged with late stage care. You don’t want your animals to suffer any more than they have to so going to a first class animal hospital offering professional veterinary services is the best way to go. At Tenaker they handle all the normal things you would expect such as:s-l300

  • Annual pet exams and preventative care
  • Vaccinations individualized to the patient
  • Senior animal wellness exam and consultation
  • In-house and outside reference lab
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Internal and external parasite testing
  • Microchipping
  • Dentistry with full mouth digital radiographs
  • Hospitalization
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • General Surgery and procedures
  • Emergency care
  • Specialized pet surgery
  • Digital Radiography with specialist consultation available
  • Ultrasound available with board certified radiologist
  • Pharmacy
  • End of life consult, care and euthanasia
  • Nutritional supplements and nutritional counseling
  • Prescription veterinary diets

Tenaker’s staff and facilities have been caring for dogs and cats just about longer than anyone in the Denver metro area and certainly longer than any other animal facility in Aurora. Seriously, there’s really just one animal clinic that you should go to in Aurora. Tenaker Pet Care has decades of proven experience caring for pets. They’ve been in business since the 1950’s, which is a long time! They have professional veterinary staff to make this a leading Vet Clinic in the area. They welcome visitors to check out their new animal hospital – you’ll be impressed, no doubt! So the short story is Tenaker Pet Care is the top animal hospital in Aurora so next time your pet needs a vet you need to stop by their facility.